Bezzie or Backstabber?—
What Sort of Friend Are You?

 1. Your friend tells you she loves your new top so much, she's thinking of buying one. Do you:

A. Feel thrilled she likes your style and gush, "We'll look like twins!"
B. Feel miffed for a nano-second, say "Great!" and pray they've sold out.
C. Tell her the seams are coming apart, it makes you itch and has been produced abroad by five year olds chained to sewing machines, none of which is true.

 2. You've failed an exam you worked hard for, but your glam friend's got top marks without even trying. Do you:

A. Congratulate her and ask for her help as to where you went wrong
B. Smile whilst thinking, "It's not fair, she's bright and she's beautiful."
C. Spread a rumour she cheated by writing the answers on her watch strap.

 3. You've fancied him for months, but he's asked out your bezzie and now she's asked you whether you're OK if they go out together. Do you:

A. Say, "Of course not! He's obviously got good taste. Go for it girl."
B. Smile, assure her you're fine about it and then sob in your bedroom for hours.
C. Tell her you'd gone off him anyway, once you found out about his contagious disease.

 4. You've heard your bezzie's lush boyfriend has been snogging another girl. Do you feel:

A. Terrible for her but keep quiet. It might just be an ugly rumour.
B. Stressed. If you tell her she'll be gutted but if you don't she's being duped.
C. Triumphant. That other girl was you.

 5. Some mean girls are having a laugh about your friend when she's not around. Do you:

A. Tell them to stop it and walk away.
B. Tell them to stop, then stay silent. You need to know what else they're saying.
C. Join in. You could do with a good laugh.

 6. Your friend tells you a mega secret, something so huge you're dying to tell someone. Do you:

A. Stay silent. You'll never tell even if they torture you by tickling your feet.
B. Tell one other person, swear her to secrecy, then stress out she'll spill.
C. Scribble it on the loo door at school in thick black pen, making sure you've disguised your writing.