How Shallow Are You?

 1. A woman falls and twists her ankle. Do you:

A. Wonder if she might have a malleous medialis fracture?
B. Step over her.
C. Shriek, Fab shoes!

 2. How do you choose which football team to support?

A. I study a range of match statistics.
B. I hate sport.
C. I pick the team with lush-looking players.

 3. What is your opinion of blue highlighter pens?

A. The colour is immaterial to its intended function.
B. I don't have one.
C. Blue highlighters are just so wrong!

 4. You see a funeral pass by in the street. Do you:

A. Consider the existentialist's view of life and death.
B. What funeral?
C. Think, Black is such a slimming colour!

 5. What is your attitude to school?

A. I love it so much I could go there 24/7!
B. I go cos I'm forced to.
C. It's like a 7-hour 5-day a week social club with friends.

 6. Are you interested in boys?

A. The embryonic development of the Y chromosome fascinates me.
B. Is you saying I'm lesbionic?
C. I would be if I could get near them.

 7. How do you feel about teachers?

A. They inspire me to be the best I can possibly be.
B. You mean, The Enemy?
C. I prefer the super-hot ones with peachy butts.

 8. Your dream date would be:

A. Marie Curie so I could discuss my science project with her.
B. Who's paying?
C. I dream of getting a date. Any date...

 9. You've had a terrible haircut. Do you think:

A. So what? It's just an outgrowth of protein from the dermis.
B. I'm gonna kill that hairdresser.
C. I want to die! My life is ruined! I might as well be dead!

 10. Your ambition is:

A. To win a Nobel Prize for peace, science and literature.
B. What does ambition mean?
C. To get through the week without any new zits.